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Perez Realty


Perez Realty is a visionary luxury real estate service that blends their extensive expertise in property management and customer service to provide exceptional residences and create investment opportunities. As a luxury real estate startup, Perez Realty sets the stage for a new era of living beyond the ordinary.


Brand Identity Design: Our client approached us with the goal of creating a brand identity that would accurately represent their values of quality, trust, and elegance. They wanted a design that would communicate their professionalism and dedication to providing the best service to their clients.

After researching the real estate industry and understanding our client's goals, we crafted a brand identity that exceeded their expectations. The design features a clean and timeless logo with a monogram that represents the business's initials. We chose a sophisticated color palette and typography to convey our client's elegance, and designed a comprehensive brand guidelines document to ensure consistency across all touchpoints.

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