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Hola Foods


Hola Foods is a renowned producer of natural grocery products, dedicated to delivering excellence and freshness to consumers.


Brand Identity Design: We created a brand identity that included a logo, color palette, typography, and graphic elements. The logo design was simple yet memorable, using bold typography and an icon that represented the brand's mission to provide high-quality, natural foods. The color palette incorporated earthy tones to reflect the brand's natural and wholesome values, and the graphic elements were inspired by nature and used consistently across all brand communications.

Packaging Design: The goal was to design a packaging that was both functional and visually appealing. We considered the brand identity and target audience when designing the packaging, ensuring that it communicated the brand's values and appealed to its customers. We used a combination of earthy colors, natural textures, and bold typography to create packaging that stood out on the shelves and conveyed the brand's commitment to quality.

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