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Hacienda Chocolat


Hacienda Chocolat is a cacao farm that offers a variety of agritourism events where consumers can enjoy multi-sensorial activities such as Walking Tours and Wine & Chocolate Tastings.


Flyer Creation: For "Hacienda Chocolat," a flyer was created to promote their agrotourism offerings and chocolate products. The design included high-quality photos of the farm, the chocolate-making process, and their products. The flyer also provided information about the farm's tours and experiences.

Social Media Management and Design: A social media strategy was developed for "Hacienda Chocolat," which included managing social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. The design of the social media profiles and posts was consistent with the brand's visual identity, including the logo, typography, and color palette. The content posted showcased the farm's chocolate-making process, products, and agrotourism offerings, with high-quality photos and engaging captions. The social media manager monitored engagement and responded to customer inquiries and feedback, creating a strong online presence for the brand. As a result, "Hacienda Chocolat" saw an increase in website traffic and sales, as well as positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

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